Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the LoopKeepers Digital Frequently Asked Questions. Here you will find answers to the common questions asked about our services.

I have a small business. Do I need to have a website?

Yes. Nowadays the website is must for all businesses because the clients want to find everything on the internet. If you do not have a website you can not show yourself to your possible future clients.

Do I need to have mobile site?

Yes. It is highly recommended. The smartphone and tablet penetration is one of the highest in Canada. Nowadays more clients brows on smartphones and tablets than on computers or laptops. Do not miss any opportunity! Be there!

Why mobile site is recommended?

Because your possible future clients can use mobile site on smartphone and/or tablet easily. Bigger buttons, easy to read information on much smaller screen. 


Why LoopKeepers Digital?

Simply thought, you need a website provider that can deal and grow with you. We have been innovating in the web publishing space since 2001, so we'd like to think we know a little about building websites.