About us

About us

Leslie Veres

Leslie VeresHe has been doing web development since 2001. He has been improving his knowledge through courses, trainings, and different projects as well. He is familiar with static and dynamic website development, also CMS (Content Management System) technology. His main specialty is DRUPAL and JOOMLA website motors. He knows deeply how to harmonize a website into a mobile device, which is a crucial point of the efficient online world; all the websites need to be harmonized to mobile devices. He also has huge experience, among other things he had studied at Bankers - Qualified Bankers’ Academy,  Insurance Training Institution and National Registered Insurance Brokers Association institutions. He has a BSc degree, he had studied international trade. 

Eszter Kiss

Eszter has 10 years experience in PR and marketing, specialized in IT/Telecommunications, CSR and sponsorship communication but also has experience in beauty PR. She has a communication company, called Mantra Communication in Hungary that works for HTC, Jabil Inc., Wayteq and Dana Holding. Before that she worked at some Hungarian and international PR and marketingcommunication agencies, had such international customers as Vodafone, Dell,  Avaya, P&G, Zubrowka, Deloitte, Xerox.


Daniel Farago

Graphic designers are responsible for the communication of ideas through signs and pictures. At the age of 14 this doesn't necessarily involve in people's mind, when  creating a  t-shirt design for own amusement.  But over 7 years of industry experience (including companies like LG, Coke, Sony and many others) this statement gaining ground more and more. But as long as  a designer can afford to "build" something new, to create something fresh, this responsibility graduate into something like a creative playground.